Advanced Omnichannel Solutions

We equip our clients with a wide variety of services and capabilities, from digital and traditional marketing to e-commerce and more.

Digital Media

Digital Media

We employ the latest technologies, newest media placements, and secure the highest-quality inventory, while closely monitoring each campaign with exceptional detail.

Our in-house trade desk* allows us to secure and optimize strategic placements in significantly less time. And our proprietary reporting dashboard** gives our clients an opportunity to monitor their campaigns in real time.

Media Types & Capabilities:

  • OM Trade Desk*
  • OpAD Media Analytics**
  • Social Media
  • Display Banner
  • Over-The-Top (OTT)
  • Streaming Video
  • Streaming Audio
  • Search
  • High-Impact Media

TV & Radio

TV & Radio

Our media team is currently one of the top TV media placement agencies for the New York Market across all available languages and brings decades of TV and Radio placement expertise with the most value-per-dollar spent–more than any other New York Agency.

Providing Our Clients:

  • Millions in added and saved media value
  • Free bonus weeks/months
  • Pre-logs and post-logs
  • In-depth post buy analysis & report based on Nielsen data (exact Day, Date and Time)
  • Targeting capabilities include: age, gender, occupation, income, family status, education, geography, language & ethnicity

OOH & Print

Out-of-home & Print

Target messaging to populations who live, work, or shop in specific locations, as well as communicate the message in the language endemic to a neighborhood.

Our specialists personally view and evaluate many of the placement locations to best assess the value of each unit.

Key Capabilities:

  • State-of-the-art planning platform and proof-of-placement database
  • Planning focused on balanced impression distribution for each market, while considering population distribution
  • Sponsorships, in-stadium promotions, endorsements, signage, and more

Creative & Translation

Creative & Translation Services

Every detail of your campaign matters, and our creative team can assist you in every step of the way.


  • Consultation, concepting, implementation, and design
  • Formatting, resizing, and production placements across TV, Radio, OOH, Print, and Digital
  • Closed-captioning, subtitling, and voiceover talent coordination


  • Provide guidance and recommendations on the best languages and dialects to use in niche targeting of demographics, geographies, and ethnicities
  • Certified translations in any languages
  • Full-scale creative production available for all languages

Multicultural Media

Multicultural Media Tactics

We tailor strategy and execution to meet the intricate overlap between language and ethnicity targeting when maximizing reach to multicultural audiences.

  • Target via device and browser settings to reach audiences in their native languages
  • Partner with a diverse group of hundreds of vendors, media outlets, and publications (ex. utilizing multi-lingual vendors to ensure relevant language placements)
  • Managing cultural competency and sensitivity when reaching major ethnicities:
  • Identify cultural specifics shaping audience behaviors, values, and media consumption habits
  • Employ behavioral targeting utilizing data segments and relevant contextual targeting
  • Geo-fence/geo-target key communities and neighborhoods


Corporate &

Drive greater ROI through advanced audience targeting and attribution measurement.

Key Capabilities:

  • Campaign strategy, planning, and execution
  • Onboarding CRM data to directly connect your target audience with measured sales conversions
  • Drive down CPAs, increase ROAS, and improve results